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For Raquel every student is unique therefore every course and classes need to be unique!

Career advancement

A second language can drastically improve your career. Living in an interconnected world means that knowing more than one language is essential.

Self development

The more you use your brain to learn new skills, the more your brain's functions work. Learning a new language pushes your brain to get familiar with new grammar and vocabulary rules.


Increase your understanding of the languages you already speak by taking my online courses! ​

Get personalized materials and homework to develop faster

I use some manuals and grammars in the classes. Students receive all materials each class. I usually ask for homework, because I think it is a good way to consolidate the contents of the class.

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Quale confusioque confecta explanetur dolore spem delicatior ornatu callidus mirabiliter fore optimo corroborati Constituta dicere...
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Portuguese Online Course – For beginners (Level – A1.1)

Do you want to learn Portuguese? This is your chance! Online classes with Google Meet....

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My students' verbatim

"5 stars are far from enough to describe how much I enjoy our classes with Raquel. She is great tutor, very attentive to interests and suggestions of the students and their goals. Our classes are always productive and run smoothly. She always has various materials to work with. If you are looking for amazing Portuguese tutor, you should definitely choose Raquel, it is a recommendation from the bottom of my heart!!!"

"Raquel is a very highly qualified teacher, not just a native speaker, so she can easily explain the rules of grammar and vocabulary. I really liked that the teacher uses different methods in the class - not only basic exercises, but also video & audio materials that make the classes more interesting. Raquel always checks the homework carefully and gives detailed feedback on mistakes (which helps a lot). I highly recommend this teacher. I will definitely continue my studies with Raquel in the future! Thank you, Raquel!)."

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ou can be your own guiding star with our help!